Friday, October 12, 2012

Symmetry Tiles

In 2nd grade grade we talk about symmetry and what it means to be symmetrical. For most of my students this lesson is good for reinforcing what they have previously learned about symmetry. In first grade we do a mosaic buttery and I teach my students that symmetry means "the same on both sides". For the symmetry tiles I also talk about pattern, shape, line, unity, and repetition.This project takes 3-4 hours to complete.
My students and symmetry... and Pajamas. They were having a party that day.

White paper (12x12in), tape, a sunny window, and markers.

Discuss and view examples of symmetry. Ask students if they can think of other everyday objects that are symmetrical (butterfly wings) Demonstrate how to make a wall tile by folding the square white paper point to point creating a triangle. The fold down the middle is the "line of symmetry". Students are to draw a design, using a black marker, on one side of the triangle. Students will then trace the pattern onto the other side (this can be easily achieved by having students tape the paper to the window. When students open up the square paper, there will be a symmetrical design. After the design is finished, students may color and decorate it with patterns and designs. The colors and designs should also be symmetrical. Stress neatness, contrast, variety, and unity.

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