Monday, October 15, 2012

Giant Paper Sunflowers

Our first cutting project in kindergarten is finally here! Some vocabulary I stress with this project are words like: cut, glue, trace, overlap, texture, diagonal, rectangle, and square.

  •  one 6x6 brown square (center)  
  • four 3x6 yellow rectangles (petals)
  • one3x6 green rectangle (leaves)
  • one long green strip (stem) 
  • glue 
  • scissors 
  • black marker 
  • butter lid or circle tracing template
Discuss the parts of a flower. The center, seeds, petals, stem, and leaves. Show the class an example of a paper sunflower.  Demonstrate how to trace (using a butter lid) a circle on the brown square.  Demonstrate proper use and carrying of scissors. Cut out the circle. Use a black marker to draw circles inside the brown circle. This will create a texture that resembles seeds. Demonstrate how to make two triangles from a rectangle by cutting the yellow rectangles diagonal (corner to corner) to make the flower petals. Glue the flower petals to the back of the brown circle, allowing them to slightly overlap (like holding hands).  Do the same with the green triangle. Glue the leaves to the back of the stem, and glue the stem to the back side of the flower. See the pictures below!

Jenna is gluing her petals on the back making sure they overlap.
Drawing sunflower seeds starting around the outside edges first.

We made sure to glue the stem and leaves on the back as well!

  The flowers are as big as my students! :) Have a good week!
-Miss Scannura

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