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Welcome to Tiny Hands Art! My name is Emily Ritzer, and I taught art for a little over 5 years. For the first two years I was a k-3rd grade teacher and graduated to a k-4th teacher 2 years later. My last years of teaching were spent teaching preschool all the way to 8th grade! This is what my classroom would have looked like on a good day :) I sure do miss that classroom!

I was recently married to my husband Mike. We are temporally living in Kansas City for his job at SCHEELS, but will be moving to Colorado before the 2017 school year. We are excited to make Colorado our forever home, and I hope I can find a school that feels like one as well!

I wanted to start this blog as a way to share lessons and progress with parents, as well as other teachers on the internet! These lessons are geared towards students in grades preschool- 8th grade. I hope you enjoy, leave questions, comments, recommendations, anything!
-Mrs. Ritzer

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