Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Symmetrical Paper Fold

I reinforce symmetry with my fourth graders through this paper fold project. They are a colorful, symmetrical, 3D work of art that my students really enjoy to make! We discuss patterns, designs, symmetry, folding, folding, and gluing during this project. The project only takes about 2-3 hours, so it's also a nice change of pace!

  • one 12x12 (I use black) piece of construction paper
  • multiple 3x3 pieces of construction paper in various bright colors
  • glue

Fold the 3x3 piece of paper in half
Fold both corners (on the folded side) up.

Fold the 12x12 piece of background paper either corner to corner or side to side. Refer to the crease that was made as "the line of symmetry". Glue each folded paper on the 12x12 piece of paper on opposite sides of the line of symmetry (making sure they are symmetrical). Create a design with the folded papers by laying them inside of each other! I give the students the freedom to do whatever they want with their design as long as it is symmetrical.


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