Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Warm and Cool Weaving

In kindergarten and first this year I taught a weaving using warm and cool colors. I explain to students that a weaving goes "under and over." I also tell them to pretend that the strips of paper are hungry. You have to open their big mouths (lift the strip up) and the other strip going in is the food. It kind of helps them with the "under" part. This is their first weaving so spaces are left in between strips to make the weaving process easier. I also don't have them go over/under every single strip. I tell them to pick a color and weave under only that color. Then change colors for the next strip of paper.

  • 12x12 black paper
  • warm colored 1" strips of paper
  • cool colored 1" strips of paper
  • glue
  1. Day one: Introduce the art of weaving and discuss warm and cool colors. Glue cool colored strips of paper in one direction onto the black paper. Only put one dot of glue on each end of the strips, otherwise your students' weaving will fail miserably. Remind them, "just a dot, not a lot". They love that. Or, you can even sing, "A little bit of glue, a little bit of glue, a little bit of glue will do." You can't really get 5 and 6 year olds to do much without a song or rhyme of some sort :)
  2. Day 2: Cool strips are dry, yay. Weave warm strips into blue strips. Focus on just one color each time. 
That's all! Enjoy. -Miss S

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