Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Henri Matisse Inspired Goldfish Still-Life

In 6th grade this year I taught my students about Henri Matisse and his still lifes. This is my first year teaching middle school so I had no idea what to expect..... I love how they turned out. You can DEFINITELY notice at this age who really has that natural artistic ability.  
  • 12x18 white paper
  • pencil
  • black fine point sharpie
  • watercolor paints
  • water
  • paint smock
  • examples of Henri Matisse's art
  • a still life for students to look at (I put a fish bowl, a flower, some fruit, and a mug onto a table)
  1. I had students practice blind contour line drawing before this. They actually liked it!
  2. Teach students about Henri Matisse. I made a powerpoint on the guy and pointed out his use of colors, and patterns/designs in backgrounds. Some students even added a window in the background like he has done in several paintings. 
  3. Students referred to an empty bowl of water on a table with several objects. Students were allowed to add imaginary objects or remove objects in their drawing. Students had to imagine their own fish because all my goldfish had died.... whoops.
  4. When it came to painting I had them use a lot of water and wet-in-wet inside the fish bowl to make it look like it really had water in it. 
Sixth grade success! 

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