Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Size and Shapes Collages

My kindergarteners do collages their second week of school. We have a dye cut machine at school. This allows me to supply them with some fun and colorful organic shapes, as well as pre-cut geometric shapes for them to work with. We talk a lot about overlapping, space, and balance in this project. Here is the lesson plan and my friend Jenna demonstrating!

  • 12x12 black or colored construction paper
  • 2 large geometric shapes
  • 3 medium organic shapes
  • 3-5 small shapes (geometric or organic)
  • glue with red tap cap. 

Procedure: Discuss geometric shapes, contrasting colors, size, geometric and organic shapes, and application of glue.Demonstrate choosing contrasting colors and shapes; layering and overlapping (2 large, then 3 medium, then 3-5 small) shapes. Shapes should be arranged in a way that creates a balanced and colorful composition. Glue should be applied sparingly to the outside edges of each shape.Dismiss children to seats with materials.

-Miss Scannura

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