Friday, September 28, 2012

Leaf Prints

In first grade we talk about printmaking early in the year. We talk about what a print is and different ways we could make a print of something. Some vocabulary words I mention are Printmaking, printing ink, print, brayer, diagonal, fold, crease, overlap, balance, and contrast. 

  • one 12x12 piece of construction paper in a vivid color. Black also works very well.
  • a variety of real leaves
  • plastic trays for inking the leaves
  • printing ink in various colors
  • paint shirts or smocks 

Discuss and demonstrate the technique of leaf printing. 12x12 paper should be folded corner to corner (diagonally) or regularly in half, making a sharp crease. Leaves should be individually inked with color and laid on the paper on one side of the fold (not across the fold). Fold the paper with the leaf inside and rub to insure the image transfers to both sides of the paper. Open the paper and remove the leaf. Repeat this process with other leaves being sure the images slightly overlap and the composition is balanced.

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