Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spring Paper Mosaics

Here are 2 different mosaic projects I have done with my students. One is a mosaic butterfly that I do with my 1st graders. the other is a mosaic flower I do with my kindergarteners.

Materials: Photo examples of glass or tile mosaics, construction paper,  scrap pieces of paper, glue.

Vocab: Mosaic, pattern, design, repetition, space, shape, symmetry

Start by cutting the basic shape of your mosaic from a 12x18 piece of colored paper. Using scrap paper, cut small squares and rectangles and outline the entire shape with one color. Repeat this process until the entire piece is complete (Kindergarten). First graders will get a little more creative with their mosaic tile designs. When butterflies are finished, add a body and a face. When flowers are done, add a stem and leaves.

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