Monday, March 25, 2013

Giant Cupcakes!!

My adaptive art students spent the past month working on these giant paper cupcakes with me. I love the way they turned out.

To introduce painting with a foam roller. To reinforce repetition and pattern, color mixing, cutting, tearing, and gluing/squeezing.

Cutting, painting, pattern, repetition, glue, tear, cupcake, decoration, details.

Demonstrate painting with a textured foam roller in one direction to make a design on a colored 12x18 piece of paper. Have students use a few different colors of paint. My students enjoyed the foam rollers and seeing how the colors looked when they overlapped and mixed together.
Once the paint is dry, demonstrate cutting the painted paper into a large cupcake wrapper (the shape of a trapezoid) and glue it onto a 18x24 piece background paper. We used black. Demonstrate how to tear long strips of paper for the icing. Glue them on top of the cupcake wrapper begining with the longest strips first. Last, demonstrate how to add the details, or decorations to the cupcake. We used glitter glue and tiny pieces of torn paper for sprinkles!

I hope you enjoyed these cupcakes as much as I did! You have to admit, they are pretty sweet! ;)
Until the next time! 
-Miss Scannura

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